Artist Profile

Diana Atureta is an Assyrian-Canadian creative, born and raised entirely in diaspora.

Based in Toronto, she focuses on figurative & abstract art, poetry, and design. She has a Business degree from the Schulich School of Business, and works in the industry, while simultaneously experimenting and developing her art style. She fell in love with art at the age of four. Her art offers viewers a moment of inspiration to think differently; to trigger inward and outward curiosity that produces change and action. Her mediums include digital, watercolour, acrylic, and gold leaf. 

Diana’s work has been collected locally and internationally since 2015, and has been exhibited at the Toronto Public Library Galleries and the Diaspora in Bloom x Assyrian Arts Institute Pop Up Gallery in Tucson, Arizona in 2021. Her visual art reflects themes of empowerment, creativity, and her heritage. She is a fluent speaker of Assyrian (in the Eastern Standard dialect) and aspires to learn the Western and Deshta (specifically Alqosh) dialects. She founded Assyrian Circles in April 2020, an online community speaking the Assyrian language in a safe, conversational space.

Contact directly for projects or to inquire about purchasing work.