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The Golden Grows (Shamash) - Fine Art Poster

The Golden Grows (Shamash) - Fine Art Poster

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There is nothing Alaha Shamash does not see, his best features might be his justness and generosity. This digital art was created in 2020 alongside Diana Atureta's original poem "Shamash" (published April 25, 2020) as an experiment in style, shifting out of comfort zone and taking 3 months of work and research.

To experience the art:

  • Enter the scene with your eyes on the grey Sumerian cuneiform script with "Sun" repeatedly written in a stone-like shape resembling ten golden seeds.

  • Proceed toward the Shamash gate (Tara d’Shamash) in Nineweh, Iraq walking through memories into the horizon.

  • Effectively becoming part of a vague mystical tree, you decide to enter through the gate door, acknowledging Shamash’s generosity, symbolized by the old Chinese character for sun 日 paired with the ring + staff that deities held in their hand in ancient reliefs.

  • The hand transitions from the gate door to the graceful lift of a new force, a channel seen as Assyrian cuneiform script repeatedly showing “Sun.”

  • Finally this force transforms into nine rays of colourful solar energy, reminiscent of an eye, with each beam written in living scripts and languages including Western Syriac script and Eastern Syriac script continuously spelling ܫܩܫ, English to showcase an additional name for this deity as “Utu,” and the modern Chinese character 太阳 for Sun.

    Let your takeaway be the extent of Shamash’s power, and how long the journey of a single golden seed could be before it becomes a beam with Shamash’s help and with that of all seeds taking care of one another.


Print Info

Gallery-grade paper for a high-end archival quality. Equipped with a smooth, matte surface, the artwork is printed with the Giclée technique for crisp color fidelity on par with Fine Art printing standards.

.: Gallery-grade 210 gsm fine art paper
.: Giclée print quality
.: Smooth matte surface

Care Instructions

To ensure the life of original works of art, and of museum-quality prints, it is recommended to mat and frame the painting using acid-free materials.

Watercolours should be framed under glass or plexi-glass to protect from moisture, dust, and accidental damage to the painting.

Paintings in watercolour are particularly vulnerable to the effect of external factors like light and humidity. Never hang the painting opposite a window or on a wall where it is exposed to full sunlight for most of the day. This will cause the colours to fade and the paper to become brittle. Keep the watercolour away from heat, oils, odours and moisture in the kitchen. Also do not hang it near heaters or other heat-emitting appliances as that will damage the colour pigments permanently.

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